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Servant Leaders (SL’s)

In order to lighten the load of the Senior Pastors, we have a system in place whereby our entire congregation is cared for.

The SL system is based on the account in Exodus 18 v 14 – 24 where Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, advised Moses to delegate in order to relieve the stress and improve quality of government. This proper delegation multiplied effectiveness and gave others the chance to grow.

The same scripture mentions several qualifications for leaders of God’s people. They must be: 1) capable people 2) people who fear God 3) people instructed in truth and strongly committed to it 4) people who hate dishonest gain and are thus free from covetousness and the love of money.

Servant Leaders of 10 (SL10’s)
The system starts at grassroots level with the appointment of Servant Leaders of 10. Each SL10 is given responsibility and authority for 10 congregation members – to care for/serve them. Each SL10 is made accountable to an SL50.

Servant Leaders of 50 (SL50’s)
SL50’s are appointed to care for/serve directly 5 SL10’s and indirectly 50 congregation members under their care. Each SL50 is made accountable to an SL100.

Servant Leaders of 100’s (SL100’s)
SL100’s are appointed to care for/serve directly 5 SL50’s and indirectly 25 SL10’s – together with their 250 congregation members – under their care. Each SL100 is made accountable (if applicable) to an SL1000’s. (As our congregation consists only of 100’s and not 1000’s we will not expound on the SL1000’s)














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