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Joy-Zone Children’s Ministry

Welcome to Joy-Zone Children’s Ministry which runs concurrently with the morning Church Service.Joy-Zone

Our vision is to teach our children to:
Know God    -    Love God    -    Serve God

By applying the Workshop Rotation Method which is “learning by doing” and not to “sit and listen.” A Bible concept like faith, courage or prayer is taught over 4 to 6 weeks using different learning styles, which are simply different approaches or ways of learning that use the five senses. These learning styles incorporate a Bible character, a memory verse, an object lesson, puppetry, artwork, cooking, relevant music etc. Children enjoy the repetition and need it to remember the lesson/concept taught.

Classes: All the classes get together and are welcomed. Treasures go to their area for age relevant Praise and Worship and the mornings Rotation and activities. All Stars and Diamond classes participate in Praise and Worship together after which they go to their own areas for big group and small group Rotational lessons and activities.




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